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Welcome to HVIA’s new starter induction!

At the completion of the dynamic, interactive online course, students should be able to follow non-technical discussions around heavy vehicle topics and understand what is being discussed, having learned a working vocabulary of common heavy vehicle terminology.

You have the option to enrol as an individual, or if you are looking after a team you can purchase multiple enrolments at a discounted rate. You will also become a Group Leader with access to the Group Leader Dashboard to manage the users. Click the button below to find out more.

Why do we think the course is useful?

You might think of yourself as a career professional based on your particular skill set.

For instance, if you are a welder you might consider that all welders, no matter what particular industry they work in, are your peers. And it is true. The same goes for engineers, marketing specialists, sales, human resources, warehouse managers, and of course, the list goes on.

However, a career in the heavy vehicle industry is about far more than just your singular skill set.

It is how your contribution fits into the big picture.

Your role is a vital cog in the machinery that allows the trucking industry to keep Australia moving.

The course is ideal for:

  • New entrants to the industry – suitable for staff and stakeholders at any level
  • Existing participants in the industry who are sometimes confused by some of the terminology used in other sectors or specialist areas.
  • Staff in Government Departments and other agencies that need to deal with the heavy vehicle industry and are seeking to improve their understanding of the terminology
  • Customers of the heavy vehicle industry seeking to improve their understanding of the terminology.