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Welcome to Heavy Vehicles 101

Experience a dynamic, interactive online course designed to equip you with the essential vocabulary and understanding of heavy vehicle topics, enabling you to engage in non-technical discussions within the industry confidently.

While your unique skill set defines you as a professional, your career in the heavy vehicle industry transcends those boundaries. Your expertise is crucial in the larger framework that keeps Australia’s trucking industry moving forward.

Recognise the importance of your role in the big picture and embrace the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills to better contribute to the industry’s success.

This course is ideal for:

  • New entrants to the industry – suitable for staff and stakeholders at any level
  • Existing participants in the industry who are sometimes confused by some of the terminology used in other sectors or specialist areas.
  • Staff in Government Departments and other agencies that need to deal with the heavy vehicle industry and are seeking to improve their understanding of the terminology
  • Customers of the heavy vehicle industry seeking to improve their understanding of the terminology.