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Welcome to Best Practice Tyre Management

Engage in an interactive online course designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in effective tyre management.

The tyre is the only piece of equipment on a vehicle that is in contact with the road, it is the only real means by which a vehicle can safely accelerate, steer, and most importantly, brake.

The safe and efficient operation of heavy vehicles relies on properly managed tyres. Understanding the critical role that tyres play in vehicle performance and safety is essential for industry professionals, from drivers and fleet managers to service technicians and business owners.

This course is ideal for:

  • Staff directly involved in transport, maintenance, support, operations, and driving.
  • Managers, executives, and other parties wishing to understand their Chain of Responsibility obligations in these areas.
  • New entrants to the transport industry, and persons with experience wishing to refresh or extend their knowledge.
  • Persons working in roles that face the heavy vehicle industry, such as government agencies or departments.