4.4.3 Manufacturer’s instructions and VSB6

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This section provides an overview of the National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modification s (VSB6)

Why does VSB exist?

VSB6 is a National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modifications

It is designed to provide guidance to anyone modifying a vehicle to ensure that the vehicle continues to comply with the ADRs after the modifications and that the any modifications that are not covered by ADRs are conducted to suitable standards.

The introduction to VSB6 states that it does not supersede a vehicle or component manufactures guidelines.

Where these guidelines exist they must be followed in Lieu of VSB6 unless specifically stated in VSB6

Regardless of whether the modification is done according to the Manufacturers Guidelines or according to VSB6 the modifications must be inspected by an AVE appointed under the HVNL. (or in the case of WA or NT by the local Department)

VSB6 also contains check lists for AVE’s to ensure that the modifications have been done correctly.

Manufacturer’s instructions

Many manufacturers anticipate the common types of modifications that people may want to make to their vehicles (such as body fitment) and may provide manufacturer’s guidelines or instructions for these types of modifications.

Similarly, many component manufacturers such as fifth wheel coupling providers may provide fitment guides for their products.

However, manufacturers guidelines often only deal with the most common modifications.

Where manufacturers guidelines do not exist VSB6 should be followed.

Here are some links to manufacturers guidelines for common modifications.

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