1.2 Overview of Heavy Vehicles

Let’s start

with a definition

of the terminology

“heavy vehicles”

We are talking about on-road vehicles with a gross vehicle mass or aggregate trailer mass over 3.5 tonnes.

The heavy vehicle industry is the entire industry involved in the design, manufacture, importation, distribution, modification, sale, service and repair of those trucks and trailers, as well as their components, equipment and technology.

Australia is a world leader in many aspects of heavy vehicle transport.

We have a thriving and robust local industry that comprises hundreds of innovative trailer, specialised vehicle, component, equipment and technology manufacturers and suppliers in addition to the product assembly of global heavy vehicle brands such as Volvo, Mack, Kenworth, DAF and Iveco.

Australia’s Heavy Vehicle Industry directly employs over 36,000 people and manufactures, services and repairs some of the world’s most efficient, safe, innovative and technologically advanced vehicles.

The increasing pace of technological change presents substantial challenges to industry and to regulators. There is also a significant focus on innovation and regulatory reform to support the performance of the Australian economy into the future.

What we don’t mean is off road trucks and machinery used in mining for instance. Though the company you work for may very well be involved in that industry as well.

And we also don’t mean the 4×4 dual cab in your driveway. Don’t get us wrong – that’s a great ute – and you are welcome to refer to it as your truck if you’re so inclined – but that is not a heavy vehicle.