5.5 – Checklist – Check your vehicle structures and restraint equipment

As a matter of course all transport operators must:

  • Make sure that all equipment used in packing, loading and load restraint:
    • is rated.
    • is serviceable and regularly maintained.
    • all lashings are inspected for any signs of wear and tear.
    • any vehicle structures and equipment is strong enough to withstand the required forces
    • all locking and latching mechanisms are fully functional when being used for load restraint purposes.

In addition to regular maintenance and inspection all vehicles and restraint equipment should be inspected before each trip to make sure it is in good working order, and you have sufficient restraints to do the job.

  • Use mouseover to point to lessons 3.1 for understanding the vehicle and 3.2 – 3.7 for information on restraint equipment
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