Lesson 5.2 – Checklist – Choose a suitable Vehicle

The second step in the LRG checklist is to choose a suitable vehicle for your load.

Lesson 3.1 contains a detailed discussion of the process for choosing a suitable vehicle

In order for a vehicles able to carry a load you need to ensure:

  • A suitable body type has been chosen for the load.
  • The total Mass for the vehicle or combination (tare plus fuel, plus passengers plus load) must no more than the GVM for the vehicle and less than GCM of the Prime Mover or Truck (in the case of a rigid truck towing trailers) for a heavy vehicle combination.
  • If the vehicle does not meet the mass and dimension limits for general access, access permissions for the laden vehicle combination need to be in place (either by a notice or a permit).
  • The mass of the vehicle in total and the axle loads on every axle on the combination need to be within the mass limits for the vehicle or combination on the required routes.
  • The load needs to be suitably positioned on the vehicle to maintain stability, steering and braking.
  • The operator and driver need to be aware of any conditions related to any notices or permits.

It would be good to add some sort of a diagram to this.

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