5.10 – Checklist – Check the load and restraints regularly during your journey

(It would be good to have some video of a driver re tensioning a load by the side of the road ( eg in a truck stop)) for this voiceover.


It is important that operators understand that if a load moves during the journey, it may compromise the load restraint.

In particular, some loads can settle and shift during a journey, causing lashings to loosen. The amount of checking required depends on many factors including the type of load, the type of restraint system, the roughness of the road and how well it’s packed.

It is important that operators and drivers understand the characteristics of the load and know how often it needs to be checked during a journey.

Drivers should always check the load within the first hour of the journey regardless of the type of load, but some loads require the lashings to be checked and retensioned after only a very short distance (e.g. bales, bags and sacks).

It is important that drivers check all loads and lashings regularly during the journey to make sure the load remains secure.

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