4.6 – Calculating the required restraints -Certification

In order to be certain that your approach to load restraint is adequate it may be worth getting your load restraint system certified by a suitably qualified engineer.


  • Maximises safety for your employees and the public.
  • Provides Assurance that your load restraint system meets the performance standards.
  • Assists enforcement officers in verifying you are compliant.
  • May provide a defence under the Chain of Responsibility laws.

This is particularly important if you are carrying an unusual cargo or are relying on custom designed structures to restrain your cargo.

Pages 237-239 of the Load Restraint Guide provide advice on what certification should cover and provide a certification template.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your load restraint system meets the performance standards you should have it certified.

When looking for a suitable consultant, look for a company or individual that has experience in developing certified load restraint guides, can provide examples of their work, and ideally, has direct practical experience with the load type in question.

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