3.7 – Understanding Load Restraint Equipment – Anchor points (Winch Tracks, Tie Rails and other attachment Points)

To attach a load to the vehicle lashings need to have something to attach to on the truck or trailer. It is important that is rated to be suitable for both the mass of the load and the type of lashing.
Anchor points come in many different designs and include:

  • Winch tracks
  • Tie Trails
  • Lashing Rings
  • Hooks

It is also important to position the lashing appropriately. lashings need to be positioned close to vertical supports in tie rails if any significant load in placed on the rail and

to ensure any end fittings on the lashing do not come into contact with the coming rail as they may be damaged.

It is also important to ensure appropriate end fittings are used and to ensure that chains should not be attached using knots. Also, hooks use to attach the chain should be matched to the capacity of the chain. Page 173 of the Load Restraint Guide has further advice on choosing appropriate hooks.

Manufacturers should include ratings on anchor points if there are no ratings on anchor points contact the manufacturer.

It is important to recognise that having appropriate anchor points is an important part of the chain of responsibility obligations related to ensuring equipment is fit for purpose.

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