4.4.1 Why are heavy vehicles modified?

In this lesson:

This lesson will provide an overview of the reasons for modifying a heavy vehicle

Transforming a Cab Chassis to working vehicle

As discussed in lesson #### many trucks come of the production line as a cab chassis and need to have a body and other relevant equipment fitted to them before they are ready to do useful work.

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Other changes that may be required

In addition to fitting a body a number of other factors may be important to make the vehicle fit for purpose such as:

  • The type of combination the vehicles will be used in may determine the requirements for couplings and air and electrical connections.
  • Type of loads the vehicle will be required to pull may determine engine, transmission, suspension, air capacity, braking and other component types required
  • Distance travelled and locations may determine requirements for sleeper cab, additional fuel tanks etc

When ordering a heavy vehicle, it is wise to discuss the intended use of the vehicle with the dealer you are ordering the vehicle from to make sure you get these things right.

Adding a body or modifying the vehicle

Depending on what your needs are, the vehicle you acquire from the dealer may need additional changes which require the vehicle to be sent to a body builder or to a specialist that undertakes specific types of modifications such as fitment of cranes, or modifications to the chassis engine or drivetrain.

Also the second or subsequent owner of a vehicle may need to make other changes to customise the vehicle to his or her needs.

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